DuraFlo E.E.B.S (Environmentally Engineered Backing System)

  • 100% Recyclable
  • All Polyolefin backing system
  • Polyolefins absorb no moisture, preventing expansion/contraction and puts less stress on the seams
  • Soft & pliable
  • Forms to the contours of the land without producing wrinkles
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Permeable and promotes better drainage
  • More than twice as permeable as traditional urethane and far less likely to clog than typical hole-punched backing

Environmental Sustainability

This high-performance turf is specially treated to resist the elements and remain green for a lifetime of maintenance free beauty and enjoyment. Conservation Grass is uniquely designed to withstand extreme temperatures in hot, cold, wet and dry climates and stand up to even the heaviest amount of foot traffic.

Our products are made with fibers that are lead free and are designed with safety, durability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability in mind. With proper care, your Conservation Grass can last 10-15 years! That's more than a decade without mowing, watering or fertilizing! And it's 100% recyclable!

Conservation Grass is recyclable thanks to our unique, all polyolefin DuraFlo backing system. DuraFlo is soft and pliable. It resists contraction and expansion and will not clog like products that use perforations for drainage. The unitary surface helps serve as a weed barrier. Conservation Grass is the only 100% Green by weight product on the market today!

LEED Credits

Conservation Grass is made out of the highest quality materials and is 100% recyclable. Many environmental benefits, such as drastically decreased water requirements, elimination of fuel requirements and greenhouse gasses from lawn maintenance equipment, elimination of the need for fertilizers or pesticides, and reduction of allergens are associated with using Conservation Grass in the landscape. In addition, Conservation Grass can be recycled at the end of its life cycle, thus reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfills.

Conservation Grass contributes points under LEED New Construction and LEED for Existing Buildings in the following categories:

LEED (new construction)

Water Efficiency

WE Credit 1.1: Water Efficient Landscaping: Reduce by 50%
1 Point - This credit is awarded for limiting or eliminating the used of potable water, or other natural surface or subsurface water resources available on or near the project site, for landscape irrigation.

WE Credit 1.2: Water Efficient Landscaping: No Potable Water Use or No Irrigation
1 Point in addition to WE Credit 1.1 - This credit is awarded for eliminating the use of potable water, or other natural surface or subsurface water resources available on or near the project site, for landscape irrigation.