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1. Aren’t all synthetic or artificial grass systems the same?

No. Conservation Grass is clearly a cut above in both appearance and quality. Made with a natural blend of colors and thatch. Our product will exceed your expectations and will put to rest any preconceived notion you may have about 'artificial or fake grass'. Take a look at the photo gallery and you will see how well it blends into the landscape.

2. How is Conservation Grass different from other synthetic grasses on the market?

Three major differences. First in appearance and feel. We have developed the blend of Conservation Grass to provide the most natural color, texture and feel. The second difference is the method of installation. Our attention to the preparation of the base and drainage are essential for a successful installation to insure that the product. Most companies will cut corners on the base and you can insure that this will only cause future problems and require replacement of the grass. The third difference is the backing. Water passes through the entire surface area of our grass. Look at the backing of competing alternatives - you will see that they expect sufficient drainage through (2) 1/4" holes per square foot. Don't make this mistake.

3. Is the grass pet friendly?

Absolutely. Conservation Grass is a terrific solution for pets. The Duraflo backing and will allow urine to drain through, eliminating unpleasant odor. The grass can then be hosed down without any harm. Conservation Grass is both practical and durable. No more muddy paw prints in the house or worn paths in the grass.

4. Does water drain through the grass?

Absolutely. The grass and backing are designed to allow water to pass directly through the grass into the soil and work well with any existing or new drainage situations. The backing material can also be recycled and also serves as a weed barrier. The base material installed beneath the grass is also porous to allow water to pass through without disturbance and acts as a french drain for the lawn. In short, the DuraFlo backing drains at a rate 10 times higher than other products on the market.

5. Does the grass mold or mildew?

Due to the non-absorbing nature of the materials used and the drainage base designed to migrate water away from the grass, mold and mildew is not an issue.

6. How hot does the grass get?

During a Texas summer, any outside material outside will get hot. The grass does not absorb or radiate heat like hardscape or pavement. The unique 'W' blade pattern dissipates heat by increasing surface area - similar to the radiator of a car. This helps keep the grass cooler and reduces shine.

7. Will the infill material harm my children or pets?

Our in-fill material is non-toxic and is not harmful to children or pets.

8. Will the grass catch fire?

No, the grass is non-flammable. Our grass is made with non-combustible material. The silica sand infill adds to these properties.

9. How much water would I really save by using your grass?

Depending on the size of your property, the savings in both water and money could be substantial. Imagine how much water is used on the grass areas you have on your property. Now subtract that amount of water and cost from your monthly bill. We can also provide additional water conservation methods for the landscaping such as drip irrigation and reduced flow spray heads for additional water savings.

10. How is Conservation Grass priced?

The pricing for the grass is based on the square foot area of the installation. You can calculate the approx. area by multiplying the length time the width. Additional factors such as drainage and irrigation will be dependent on the specific site, installation area and surrounding conditions.

11. Can I get Conservation Grass anywhere in the United States?

Unfortunately no. Our product is only available in the North Texas area. This allows us to focus on and supervise the installation of the grass to insure it meets the quality level and standards of our installation.

12. What is the cost of the grass?

Please contact us to find out more information about the costs of the grass and if it would be a good fit for your project. Someone from our office will contact you about the product and setup a time to visit your property, inspect the area and discuss the factors involved. Both synthetic and natural grass will have up front installation costs, but using Conservation Grass will eliminate some of those costs as well as reducing long term costs such as maintenance, irrigation, fertilization, etc.

13. What is the warranty on the grass?

Conservation Grass includes a 15 year UV warranty and a 1 year install warranty.

14. How well does Conservation Grass drain?

Using the DuraFlo backing, Conservation Grass will drain in excess of 350 inches per hour (as compared to traditional urethane backing, which will drain 25-35 inches per hour) This has been confirmed by Professional Testing Laboratory, Inc.

15. Does Conservation Grass provide putting green design & installation?

Our staff includes Landscape Architects that are skilled in golf course design & installation. This means we can design your next golf course or putting green. See our album of installed work PUTTING GREENS

16. Do synthetic vines work well outdoors?

Under ASTM G154-06, a test of UV-A light and condensation exposure, our synthetic vines received a Grey Scale rating 4-5 (grade 5 is the best and grade 1 is the worst). This means that the material has superior protection against fading and cracking in outdoor conditions.

17. Are synthetic vines fire resistant?

Under DIN EN 13501, the fire prevention classification for building products, our synthetic vines received a C-s1, d2 rating. This means the material is difficult to ignite with minimal smoke production.