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  • Water conservation. Make a significant 'green' contribution to your property by requiring less water.

  • Overseeding. No more costly overseeding will be required to get that green look through the winter months.

  • Drainage. A great solution for problem wet areas and around fountains to minimize splash.

  • No maintenance. Time is money. No mowing, edging or fertilizing is needed to keep the lawn looking perfect.

  • Kid Friendly. All materials are safe for kids, lead-free and provide a great solution to reduce wear and traffic patterns.

  • No allergens. No more worries for kids and adults about allergies.

  • 100% Recyclable. Less waste at the end of its life cycle.

  • Curb Appeal. Year round consistency without constant upkeep.

  • Durability. Withstanding traffic without showing wear will provide flexibility for any kind of activity without worrying about damage.

  • Shade or soggy ground. A great solution for problem shade areas that don't get a lot of sun and also works great in areas that tend to be soggy.

  • Pets. Provides a clean surface to handle pets, preventing muddy paw prints from coming inside. There will be no urine stains to clean up as well.

  • Entertaining. Provides a terrific surface to expand your entertaining possibilities without the worry of damaging your lawn.

  • Drought Resistant. Eliminating any worries about water rationing or restriction during those long, hot summer months.